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Thursday, 12 December: According to the ideas of the ancient sages, the Goat day is rich in all sorts of surprises. On Thursday you will have to sacrifice a lot in order to maintain your usual lifestyle. Do not get involved in disputes, be careful and cautious in business — so you can save yourself from trouble. Do not take to heart other people’s failures, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox for today warns you against reckless pity. Under the influence of Yin-Water, you are ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of others. Try to pull yourself together, focus on your personal life. On the 16 lunar day, the load on the body increases, watch your well-being. The element of Water is associated with the kidneys, with its imbalance, the skeletal system suffers. To replenish energy, do oil massage. In financial terms, you can count on a new source of income, but do not expect quick profits. Focus on the future, the Chinese horoscope claims: there is no easy luggage on a long road.

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