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Saturday, March 28: Traditionally, the day under the control of the Horse sign, associated with vigorous activity. On Saturday, you are able to solve a lot of problems, but be careful and cautious. Do not be distracted by unnecessary fuss, focus on business — and immediately feel a change for the better. As for the romantic relationship, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox for today advises you to become a little more sentimental. Yang-Metal energy can cool your passion. Try to contain your disappointment, arrange a date for your loved one. In the evening you can be overwhelmed by fatigue: 4 lunar day are fraught with nervous overloads. Excess Metal creates excessive excitement and excitement. Perform Qigong breathing exercises to activate energy. Learn to admit your mistakes in order to move forward. If you consider this a vain effort, the Chinese horoscope recalls: one who, turning to the old, is able to discover new things, is worthy of being a teacher.

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