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Thursday, 21 November: Believe in yourself and your environment, be open to communication. The Dog day gives a feeling of peace of mind and safety. On Thursday, you can count on the help of colleagues and unfamiliar people. Expand your social circle: friends do not happen much. The influence of the Yang-Water element will help to achieve reciprocity in love. Be gentle and helpful, but extremely persistent. Chinese horoscope for Pig today advises to take the first step, do not delay your happiness for later. You may miss the right moment. On the twenty-fifth lunar day, it is useful to perform exercises for relaxation and stress relief. Imbalance of the elements of Water leads to bone diseases. Practice Prithvi Mudra while meditating. In the most difficult moments of life, do not lose faith in yourself. If the temptation to submit to the will of fate is too great, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: you can wash away the dirt from your face, you can’t wash away the dirt from your heart.

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