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Monday, April 19: The ancient sages believed that the Rooster day promotes career growth. On Monday, do not expect obstacles in your path; on the contrary, colleagues and bosses will support you. However, do not take decisive action, the best tactic is waiting. You will probably face disappointment in love. The Chinese horoscope for Pig today does not exclude vain expectations. The changeable energy of Yin-Fire can give you deceptive hope. Be patient, in general, the circumstances are in your favor. There is a risk of injuries and sprains; refuse training for a while. The Snake hour carries danger, vigilance should be exercised in everything related to sports. Preferred loads are classes in the pool. Do not get tired of pleasing your friends with pleasant surprises, take tireless care. Do not hesitate, they will answer the same. The Chinese horoscope claims: there is a lot of gold in the world, few old friends.

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