Rabbit Yesterday Chinese Horoscope

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Saturday, March 28: The ancient sages believed that the Horse day strengthens the desire for independence. On Saturday, you may be overly harsh and cold toward close people, but this behavior is fraught with problems. Be wise and patient: to destroy the old is always easier than building a new one. Before you start to sort things out, think about the consequences. Yang-Metal energy can increase your craving for recklessness. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit for today advises you to postpone bold initiatives. You can lose the trust of your half. Follow the rules of healthy eating in order not to worry about your form. The Rat hour enhances mental activity, helps to make the right choice. Do not over-eat at night, limit yourself to a glass of warm water. If possible, look for additional sources of income. The Chinese horoscope insists: you sow a lot — you will gather a lot. Start to develop in this direction, use all available resources.

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