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Saturday, July 4: According to the Chinese calendar, the Monkey day promises fun and unexpected adventures. If you intend to spend time at your leisure, do not take anything important on Saturday. Good rest is a guarantee of subsequent victories. If you focus on personal well-being, give up fleeting intrigues. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit today does not exclude quarrels on the basis of jealousy. The element of Yang-Earth does not have the softness and tact. Keep yourself in hand, refrain from rudeness. Moderate training will benefit you. The unbridled energy of the Goat hour can be of great benefit if you are careful. Perform a set of exercises aimed at flexibility and muscle tension. If you want to win the respect of your friends, become an example for them. Be honest and sincere, the Chinese horoscope advises: if you want people to not know about your actions — better not do them.

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