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Wednesday, September 30: Tune positive, follow the advice of the Chinese sages. Rat day is generous with pleasant surprises, especially in terms of service relations. You may receive a lucrative offer, but do not rush to make a decision. Keep a reasonable balance between emotions and logic. If you are married, the Chinese horoscope for Rabbit for today advises to be careful in judgments. The unbridled energy of Yang-Fire will help you overcome the crisis of personal relationships. Give up selfishness, do not be afraid to admit your mistakes. Do not succumb to apathy and depression, avoid mood swings. The Dog hour is good-natured and disinterested, concentrate on something pleasant. Drink chamomile tea to restore internal balance. Do not be lazy to improve your knowledge, try to be one step ahead of the rest. No benefits can replace the joys of knowing, the Chinese horoscope advises: what to gain money is better to gain intelligence.

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