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Wednesday, September 30: Tune positive, follow the advice of the Chinese sages. Rat day is generous with pleasant surprises, especially in terms of service relations. You may receive a lucrative offer, but do not rush to make a decision. Keep a reasonable balance between emotions and logic. Your relationship probably needs a reboot. The energy of Yang-Fire warms, gives pep. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today recommends changing the situation and refreshing your senses. Be prepared to fight for love until the end. Think about how to improve your appearance. The hour of the Horse is impulsive, there is a danger of harm to health. Do not abuse cosmetics if you do not want to exacerbate skin problems. Sometimes it’s useful to look at the situation from a different angle. If you are unhappy with your life, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: there is nothing further than yesterday, and there is nothing closer than tomorrow. Live in the present.

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