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Friday, January 22: Day under the control of the Horse sign, gives a sense of freedom. On Friday, you will be in the limelight if you allow yourself to be yourself. Try to relax, forget about all the complexes — enjoy the inner freedom. Perhaps you will be faced with the intrigues of detractors. The Chinese rooster horoscope today advises less to discuss personal life with outsiders. The Yang-Metal element is characterized by rigidity and intransigence. Do not give reasons for gossip, watch your words. Beware of injuries, do not strain in the evening. The Rat hour reinforces self-conceit, it is likely to overestimate their strength. Preferred are exercises aimed at developing flexibility. If you find it difficult to reach an agreement with yourself, seek support in others. Surround yourself with like-minded people, gratefully accept the opinions of others. According to the Chinese horoscope: do not take offense at excessive politeness.

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