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Thursday, 21 November: Favorable time for teamwork. The day, managed by the Dog sign, is intended for communication, exchange of views. On Thursday, any of your ideas will be met with approval. Feel free to express your thoughts: colleagues will meet you. Be positive in your expectations. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster for today does not see the reasons for quarrels. The energy of Yang-Water is so active and cheerful that you can cope with any troubles. Show interest in the affairs of the partner, keep up the courage. On a 25 lunar day, under the control of Water, ears are especially vulnerable. With an imbalance in the energy of Water, hearing loss occurs, ringing in the ears appears. To improve health, perform massage-tapping the back of the head. It is worth inspecting and putting in order your affairs. Do not ignore the little things, unsolved problems tend to accumulate. The Chinese horoscope claims: remember the past — understand the present.

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