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Saturday, September 26: According to the predictions of the ancient sages, the Monkey day promises a lot of unpredictable events. On Saturday, you may find yourself in an unexpected situation, but do not be in a hurry to get upset: all changes are for the better. Do not load yourself with unnecessary thinking, just trust fate. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster promises today a stormy personal life. Feel free to flirt and flirt. Powerful flow of Yang-Water energy will sweep away all the obstacles in your way. Even friendships are able to get a romantic touch. Take time to change your image. The Rabbit hour is not suitable for decisive action, cardinal changes will be unfavorable. It is enough to follow standard face and hair care procedures. Develop a plan for your professional development, try different areas of activity. The Chinese horoscope warns: if you are lazy, you will recognize hunger. Hard work will bring prosperity.

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