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Wednesday, July 15: According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day is associated with feelings and emotions. On Wednesday, you can make not entirely logical decisions. Under all circumstances, keep cool: strong emotions are not the best advisers in business. Be calm and confident, do not rush the course of events. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster today advises not to miss the moment to improve relations with the child. In the future, there may be significant problems. The Yin-Earth element is full of love and compassion. Try to find common topics for conversation or business that can unite you. Closer to night, anxiety levels may suddenly increase. The Ox hour does not suffer unnecessary fuss and empty troubles. Take the help of aromatherapy if heavy meditation and daytime worries keep you awake. Your financial situation will strengthen significantly, you just need to take a little initiative. The Chinese horoscope says: if you are poor, change — and you will succeed. By diligence, you will achieve the desired result.

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