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Sunday, 19 January: The day under the control of the Rooster sign is the best suited for building relationships. On Sunday, you can make new friends, and possibly patrons. Be generous, extend a helping hand to those in need — and gratitude will not keep you waiting. Probably, there will be a reason to update your wardrobe. The Yin-Metal element is characterized by grace and elegance. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster today does not exclude a cardinal change of image. Feel free to experiment, any changes will benefit you. To enhance health on a 25 lunar day, relaxing procedures are useful. Excess of Metal causes problems with bones and tendons. Visit the sauna, do a massage to relieve excess tension. Keep in touch with people close to you in spite of eternal busyness. Be sensitive, don’t become isolated, the Chinese horoscope reminds: mutual trust is the basis of friendship.

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