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Friday, January 15: Expand your social circle, be nice and friendly with others. The day, under the control of the Pig sign, suggests new acquaintances and pleasant meetings. If on Friday you can attract the attention of potential partners, wait for new lucrative offers. Chinese horoscope for the Snake today advises you to do your image. The influence of the Yin-Water element will help you to determine your preferences. Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance: change the hairstyle, update your wardrobe. The third lunar day is favorable for healing hair. The Water element is responsible for the functioning of the kidneys, in case of imbalance, the hair becomes brittle and dull. Use masks based on natural oils. If you doubt the stability of your financial situation, refuse dubious transactions. Haste is a bad adviser in business, so the Chinese horoscope recommends: think three times, then do it.

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