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Saturday, 14 September: Tune in to positive change, pleasant surprises await you. According to the Chinese calendar, Rabbit day favors travel. Even a short trip will bring a maximum of positive emotions. Do not miss the chance to have fun and to have a good time. In love with the Chinese horoscope for the Snake today promises harmony in relationships. If you are committed to a serious relationship, Yin-Wood energy will increase your desire for stability. You will be able to explain your feelings and be sure to achieve reciprocity. On 16 lunar day, health may worsen. Imbalance of the Wood element is fraught with frequent infectious diseases. To strengthen immunity, practice Hatha Yoga and hardening. If you have difficulties at work, seek help from colleagues. The Chinese horoscope reminds: what the plow does not do, the harrow does. It is better to listen to an authoritative opinion than to amuse your vanity.

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