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Wednesday, September 30: Traditionally it was thought that the Rat day favors change. All of them, of course, only for the better. On Wednesday, any practical issues are easily resolved, including working moments. Perhaps a long-distance business trip awaits you. Take a personal life, be irresistible, regardless of the circumstances. Solar power of Yang-Fire help cope with negative thoughts. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today advises to take the destiny into your own hands: communicate, flirt, make dates. Do not let yourself sour, be active. The Dragon hour is a time of awakening, devote it to your concern for yourself. A light warm-up, healthy breakfast will help you wake up quickly. Eat more vegetables to stimulate energy. If you do not want to be content with mediocre results, constantly improve. The Chinese horoscope reminds: when a person has a lot of free time, he will achieve little.

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