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Saturday, March 28: The ancient sages believed that the Horse day strengthens the desire for independence. On Saturday, you may be overly harsh and cold toward close people, but this behavior is fraught with problems. Be wise and patient: to destroy the old is always easier than building a new one. If love has taken hold of your heart, the Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today advises not to resist your feelings. The influence of Yang-Metal will help to cope with any difficulties in the relationship. Stop controlling yourself, surrender to the power of passion. Sports will be of great benefit, but intense training can have the opposite effect. The Rooster hour gives vigor, to replenish strength at the end of the working day, it is enough to master the breathing technique of rebirthing. Always soberly assess your strength, adhere to the chosen course. The Chinese horoscope recalls: even a good horse cannot be worn with two saddles. Approach affairs wisely, do not take on too much.

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