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Saturday, 15 February: Do not wait for the weather by the sea, time to act. On the Rat day, all your strength must be directed towards the realization of practical goals. On Saturday, any domestic problems are solved especially easily. However, do not forget about yourself, do not postpone life for later. In difficult times, ask for help from relatives. The influence of the elements of Yang-Earth will help to resolve any misunderstandings. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today advises to find time to communicate with children. Any problems can be solved if there is understanding within the family. On the twenty-second lunar day it is better to eat plant foods. In case of violation of the Earth energy, loss of appetite and loss of taste sensations are noted. If possible, follow a diet rich in fiber. In the professional field, positive changes are expected. You can strengthen your position in business circles, following the advice of the Chinese horoscope: if there is aspiration in the heart, then you will drill a stone.

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