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Saturday, July 4: According to the Chinese calendar, the Monkey day promises fun and unexpected adventures. If you intend to spend time at your leisure, do not take anything important on Saturday. Good rest is a guarantee of subsequent victories. In difficult times, ask for help from relatives. The influence of the elements of Yang-Earth will help to resolve any misunderstandings. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today advises to find time to communicate with children. Any problems can be solved if there is understanding within the family. Facial cleansing procedures will benefit. The Rat hour has a special mystery and wisdom. Be closer to nature, herbal masks and natural creams will improve complexion, eliminate itching and rashes. If you are upset by unfair criticism, do not pay attention to it. Soon, ill-wishers will leave you alone, the Chinese horoscope testifies: the tree will fall down, the monkeys will scatter.

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