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Wednesday, September 30: Traditionally it was thought that the Rat day favors change. All of them, of course, only for the better. On Wednesday, any practical issues are easily resolved, including working moments. Perhaps a long-distance business trip awaits you. If you are not bound by marriage, do not miss a single chance to start a romantic relationship. The powerful, unrestrained energy of Yang-Fire will help you to relax. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today does not exclude flirting and love stories at work. Pay attention to your well-being if you do not want to get sick. The Monkey hour is chaotic and impulsive, it is better to take preventive measures. Reduce salt intake to maintain normal blood pressure. In the professional field, positive changes are expected. You can strengthen your position in business circles, following the advice of the Chinese horoscope: if there is aspiration in the heart, then you will drill a stone.

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