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Monday, 9 December: Today, you must be careful in all aspects of work and office relationships. The Dragon day has to lightheadedness, so there is a high probability of blunders and mistakes. It would be better if on Monday you shift part of your responsibilities to your colleagues. Do not be discouraged if you fall into a hopeless situation. The powerful, hard energy of Yang-Metal doesn’t know pity and compassion. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today calls for courage. Nothing is impossible for you if love is alive in your heart. The thirteenth lunar day is favorable for body correction, pay special attention to problem areas. Violation of metal energy circulation slows down metabolic processes. Try yogalates. Do not spend a lot of effort on doing things not worth it. Although life does not lend itself to rational analysis, outline the main goals. The Chinese horoscope states: the future is a continuation of the present.

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