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Monday, April 12: Traditionally, the day under the control of the Tiger sign, is associated with special hopes for the future. Chances are that you get what you want. Be prepared to defend your point of view, but refrain from aggressive actions: draconic measures are inappropriate. Do not be discouraged if you fall into a hopeless situation. The powerful, hard energy of Yang-Metal doesn’t know pity and compassion. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today calls for courage. Nothing is impossible for you if love is alive in your heart. Intensive training can exacerbate joint problems. The Monkey hour is fussy and unpredictable, the risk of injury increases. Practicing jogalates will help develop joint and spinal mobility. As for business relationships, beware of envious people. If rumors are circulating about you, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: be strict towards yourself and gentle towards others, so you protect yourself from human hostility.

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