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Sunday, 13 October: According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, on Monkey’s day, resourcefulness and ingenuity are especially honored. Hard work, most likely, will not give a result. On Sunday you have to plan your future. Find a way to achieve even greater success. In private life, one does not have to wait for consistency. The energy of the Yang-Wood is not conducive to softness and pliability. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today warns of possible quarrels with half. If you value your relationships, take care of them: do not endow nonsense under the influence of emotions. The fifteenth lunar day is favorable for herbal medicine. Excess of the Wood element gives aggressiveness and increased irritability. Replace black tea, coffee with herbal drinks, give up alcohol. Try to be careful with the choice of words, you can bring pain to people. Do not waste your energy on idle talk, the Chinese horoscope warns: doors give rise to drafts, talkers give rise to troubles.

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