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Wednesday, 11 December: The number of day 2 does not like haste and bustle, even in case of emergency, so put all important things aside. The horoscope for today advises Aquarius to reduce its business activity. Most likely, your efforts and efforts will not bring the proper result. The period of the waxing gibbous phase is associated with the renewal of the body, especially the liver, kidneys and the urogenital system. Help your body get rid of all the excess, do not overeat and drink more fluids. Now Aquarius can be so inventive in terms of leisure activities, that they cannot avoid popularity. The moon in Gemini enhances the imagination, the passion for adventure, which is why you are so interesting to people. You will probably face injustice. Fight for your reputation to the last, do not trust intriguers, do not let to question the correctness of your decisions.

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