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Friday, 18 October: The current date is the number 9 — this is the best time to take stock and plan. Therefore, the horoscope for today advises Aquarius to think a little about their lives, as clearly as possible to present the pictures of the future. Spend time with benefits: determine the right direction for yourself. In the waning gibbous phase of the moon, the body needs good nutrition. However, try not to overeat: food that is poorly digested, can accumulate in the body in the form of slags. Now Aquarius can be so inventive in terms of leisure activities, that they cannot avoid popularity. The moon in Gemini enhances the imagination, the passion for adventure, which is why you are so interesting to people. Stars promise an unexpected meeting with old friends. Time is too fleeting, hurry to enjoy every moment of life, do not deprive yourself of the joy of simple human communication.

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