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Wednesday, 19 June: The number of day 1 promises good luck in financial matters and material well-being. However, one should not hope only for luck and wait for gifts from fate. The horoscope for today calls on Aquarius to work hard and hard to achieve their goals — this is the best recipe for success. In the period of the waning gibbous, the body easily gets rid of everything superfluous. If you are seriously concerned about your physical fitness, go in for sports and do not overeat for the night. For Aquarius-parents, now there is nothing more important than the calmness of children. The moon in Capricorn promotes mutual understanding between people, so you can settle long-standing conflicts. Stars do not exclude changes in the professional field. If you want to learn a new specialty or find an additional source of income, act, but do not rush to quit — all the time.

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