Aries Today Horoscope

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Saturday, January 23: The energy of the number 5 is too fickle and changeable to hope for a steady flow of business. The horoscope for today advises Aries to not attach importance to minor troubles, even failures can turn into success. You just have to trust fate. During the waxing gibbous phase of the moon, health is improving, but the body needs support. Pay attention to your diet: food should be complete, balanced, but not excessive. Under the influence of the Moon in Gemini, significant progress can be made in your personal life. Do not try to re-love your loved one, be softer and more tolerant to his whims — the relationship will reach a new level. Unexpectedly for yourself, you can become a source of experiences for the surrounding people. Your defiant behavior can lead to disastrous results. Act at the behest of the heart, and not from the desire to attract attention.

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