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Tuesday, April 13: The energy of the number 4 has to labor exploits, so you can complete all the accumulated recent affairs. The horoscope for today calls on Cancers to close all debts and complete large-scale projects. Do not postpone the solution of problems for later, do not be afraid to get bogged down in the routine — luck is on your side. In the first days after the new moon, you may experience fear and anxiety for no reason. Keep yourself in hand, do not let negative emotions break out. The position of the moon in Taurus helps to solve everyday problems. Get organized in the house, add a couple of cute things to the interior, for example, flowers in bright pots — the mood will immediately improve. Be prepared for the fact that life wants to test you for strength. There may be flashes of jealousy, provocations, violent manifestations of feelings. The way out is: think about changing the situation.

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