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Sunday, July 12: The horoscope for today advises Cancers to prepare for any twists of fate. The number of day 3 promises unexpected events, so do not be surprised at everything that is happening, but just enjoy every moment. Do not overshadow your life with negative emotions, think only of the good. In the last quarter of the moon should pay attention to the state of his body. Do not delay the decision of long-standing health problems: sign up for a consultation with a doctor. Family Cancers have to deal with children. The moon in Aries strengthens parental feelings: for you the well-being of your beloved child is now in the first place. However, do not overdo it with custody. It is unlikely that you will have serious differences with colleagues and friends, but the stars are advised not to trust too tempting offers. You can lose a lot if you don’t show character, but don’t stoop to lies and hypocrisy.

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