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Saturday, January 16: The energy of the number 7 gives optimism and sets up a complacent mood. The horoscope for today offers Cancers to stop suffering about events that can no longer be changed. Only a positive attitude will help you overcome all adversity: leave worries and worries behind. The waxing crescent phase of the moon is favorable for getting rid of extra pounds. To do this, you do not have to torment yourself with diets, just follow a diet and drink more fluids. Now Cancers can count on the support of their family: the Moon in Pisces makes people more sensitive and attentive to each other. Do not try to solve problems alone, trust your loved ones. Stars advise you not to retreat from their goals, no matter what. However, with a small clarification: save your strength, do not grasp at everything in the hope of achieving great success.

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