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Thursday, October 22: The horoscope for today promises Capricorns a troublesome day, requiring extreme concentration of attention. The number of day 4 will help you in the implementation of the plans, so the work will be debated. However, you must rely on your own strength, since it is not necessary to wait for help from others. In the waxing crescent period of the moon, your emotional background is not very stable: bursts of aggression and anger are possible. Relax and relieve fatigue will help massage with essential oils. If you are committed to cardinal changes in your personal life, enlist the support of a close environment. The moon in Capricorn gives people seriousness and prudence, but the look from the outside will not be superfluous. Stars advise you not to slow down: not yet time to rest on our laurels. You should not rely only on luck, inaction may lead to the fact that you miss your happiness.

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