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Friday, April 3: The number of day 3 indicates your relevance and popularity in the community. The horoscope for today promises Gemini attention and interest from the surrounding people. Do not be afraid to embellish your dignity and forget about the shortcomings: today you are the universal favorite. In the phase of the waxing gibbous, all the feelings are aggravated to the limit, sexual desire increases. However, be picky about connections, do not waste your potential in vain. If nothing interesting happens in your personal life, trust fate. The moon in Leo inspires with cheerfulness and optimism, you just have to take a moment to change your life for the better. Stars are advised to take a wait-and-see attitude — it will be easier for you to achieve what you want. However, do not restrain yourself, if the energy hits over the edge, do not hesitate to show individuality — good luck is on your side.

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