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Sunday, July 12: In numerology, day number 3 is a symbol of success and good luck. Leader’s Day promises good deals, financial gain, or a career takeoff. The horoscope for today does not foresee any serious problems in the life of Gemini, but one should not lose vigilance, counting on absolute success. The last quarter of the moon is an emotional period. If you are not able to cope with your feelings and get rid of anxiety, replace tonic drinks with soothing tea. Family Gemini are better off tampering their temper. The moon in Aries increases irritability: even a minor occasion can lead to serious complications, up to and including a divorce. Most likely, you have to become an example and source of inspiration for your colleagues, relatives and friends. Do not resist the will of fate, do not skimp on the feelings and gifts — behave openly and naturally.

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