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Friday, 17 January: The number of day 8 is conducive to success in personal and professional life. The horoscope for today draws brilliant prospects before Leos: admiring glances, compliments, career takeoff, financial well-being. Try to intelligently dispose of the benefits of this day. In the last quarter of the moon is better to prefer relaxing treatments. A hot bath with herbal teas and aromatic oils will help relieve fatigue and physical stress. Leos in love, most likely, will not have to seek reciprocity for a long time. The Moon in Libra promotes mutual understanding between people, just mark your position: confess your love. Stars advise you not to talk about your plans and dreams. Your revelations can cause such a wave of gossip and negativity that you will have to forget about a quiet and peaceful life. Do not give a reason for gossip.

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