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Friday, 17 January: The energy of the number 8 inspires for change, makes you think about the future. You should not blindly believe in your destiny, it is much more useful to gather strength and bring order to your thoughts. The horoscope for today suggests Libra to start life from a new sheet, not remembering past mistakes and unresolved problems. The last quarter of the moon is a favorable period for working on your body. Fitness classes, proper nutrition and walks in the fresh air will help you achieve excellent fitness. Now you better take care of your appearance: The Moon in Libra contributes to a more subtle aesthetic perception of the world. Change your annoying wardrobe, make a bright make-up and a stylish hairstyle. Do not try to save on your vacation, you deserve a luxurious vacation. Even if there is no opportunity to immediately go on a trip, start to get acquainted with the proposals of travel agencies.

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