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Tuesday, 25 June: Sagittarius under the influence of the number 7 can be a bit harsh and inhospitable towards others. The horoscope for today advises you not to reject someone else’s help and advice. Of course, your ability to quickly grasp the essence of things is admirable, but sometimes it is useful to listen to another point of view. The last quarter of the moon is favorable for health procedures. And it will be especially effective to work with long-standing injuries: do not dismiss the alarming symptoms. For Sagittarius-parents, now there is nothing more important than the interests of children. The moon in Aries strengthens stubbornness, impulsiveness, so do not resort to repressive methods of education: learn to engage in dialogue. In the near future you will face the efforts associated with the arrangement of housing. Stars do not promise dramatic changes, most likely, you do not change their place of residence, repair or repair the apartment.

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