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Thursday, October 1: The current date corresponds to the number 1, symbolizing the beginning, the desire for everything new. The horoscope for today suggests Scorpios not to dwell on past mistakes. Try to forgive all offenders, stop making excessive demands on yourself and others — life will improve immediately. In the full moon there is a high probability of injury and exacerbation of joint diseases. Therefore, refrain from strength training, but thermal water procedures will have a beneficial effect. If you have not yet decided on your plans for the weekend, do not give up any options. The moon in Aries gives people vividness of mind and perseverance, so you can find something for everyone. Obviously, you have to decide on your goals. Stars do not exclude replenishment in the family, think about how prepared you are for dramatic changes. If you are not sure about tomorrow, wait a bit with this decision.

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