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Wednesday, 11 December: The energy of the number 2 gives warmth, peace and tranquility, so this day is good for cooperation and family relationships. The horoscope for today does not see obstacles that Scorpios could not overcome, but advises not to aggravate relations with others. Otherwise, conflicts are inevitable. The waxing gibbous moon phase is favorable for cleansing the body. Arrange a fasting day: your diet should consist of vegetables and fruits in combination with low-calorie foods. For the Scorpions who dream of long journeys, there comes a favorable time. The Moon in Gemini makes people more mobile, so you can start preparing for a vacation, possibly unplanned. Do something useful, for example, put an apartment in order. It is not necessary to start a grand renovation, you can slightly refresh the interior. Just a couple of bright details — and the room will sparkle with new colors.

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