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Wednesday, 19 June: The impact of the number 1 enhances leadership qualities — this is the right day to realize your own ambitions. The horoscope for today offers Taurus to go beyond the usual activities: do not rely only on their hard work. Find an opportunity to improve your skills, for example, sign up for training courses. In the waning gibbous period of the moon, the energy potential of the organism is quite high. However, excessive activity can cause overwork, but fitness will bring great benefits. If you are unhappy with your family life, do not rush to put a cross on it. The moon in Capricorn sharpens a sense of duty and responsibility, so pay more attention to your partner, indulge all his whims. When deciding whether to rest, listen to the advice of the stars. In the near future, you are not recommended to travel over long distances, but a little romantic trip will be very helpful.

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