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Tuesday, April 20: The number of day 2 symbolizes practicality and prudence, so you should refrain from disputes, aggressive attacks in the direction of ill-wishers. The horoscope for today suggests Taurus to avoid active work and resolve all conflict situations only by peaceful means. The first quarter of the moon is a dangerous period in terms of exacerbation of chronic diseases. Be attentive to your health: do not forget to take medications recommended by your doctor. Obviously, in the life of free Taurus serious changes are coming. The moon in Leo sharpens fantasy and imagination, most likely, you will be able to impress your loved one and make him reciprocate. It is hardly useful to you the ability to quickly adapt to a new place of work. In professional terms, the stars do not advise resorting to extreme measures, you can always find an alternative solution, for example, to go on vacation.

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