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Thursday, October 22: The number of day 4 patronizes determined people who are focused on results. The horoscope for today urges Virgo to be extremely attentive to any details: do not let yourself be misled. There is a high probability of facing deception, so read carefully any document, especially if there is a small text there. In the waxing crescent phase of the moon, you may experience irritation and dissatisfaction with your life. Try to get rid of unnecessary experiences: focus on the pleasant moments, look for joy in the little things. Virgo lovers can hope for reciprocal feelings. The position of the moon in Capricorn promotes mutual understanding between people, just explain your love, but do it very beautifully. Obviously, you will have pleasant chores associated with changes in your personal life. Stars do not exclude the possibility of an early replenishment in the family, at least be prepared to discuss this issue.

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