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Wednesday, 22 January: The number of day 4 patronizes determined people who are focused on results. The horoscope for today urges Virgo to be extremely attentive to any details: do not let yourself be misled. There is a high probability of facing deception, so read carefully any document, especially if there is a small text there. The waning crescent period is favorable for weight loss. It is only necessary to limit the consumption of high-calorie foods in order to achieve an excellent result, and without harm to the body. Now you can not be afraid of family quarrels and scandals: the Moon in Capricorn strengthens diplomatic skills. Once you bring a partner to a frank conversation, the relationship will immediately improve. Do not be afraid to take on additional commitments — fortune is on your side. Live in full force, show interest in everything new. You can easily cope with tasks of any complexity, so do not be lazy.

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