Virgo Today Horoscope

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Saturday, January 23: The horoscope for today recommends Virgos to submit to their intuition. Energy number 5 contributes to chaos and confusion in matters, so do not be surprised at everything happening around. Do not look for an answer on the surface, it will be better if you trust your inner voice. During the waxing gibbous phase of the moon, health is improving, but the body needs support. Pay attention to your diet: food should be complete, balanced, but not excessive. The position of the moon in Gemini contributes to reckless actions, so be careful in communicating with the opposite sex. Do not risk everything that you have for dubious pleasures. Stars advise you to think about how to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Even if everything in your life is in the best way, an additional source of income does not hurt.

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