Apple — Druid Horoscope

Apple Dates: December 22 - January 1; June 25 - July 4

Traits of people born under Apple sign: emotionality, warmth, intellect, inclination to thoughts, logic, analytical mind.

Compatible: Cypress, Willow, Birch.

Uncompatible: Fir, Pine, Maple, Chestnut.

Apple tree persons are spiritually glowing. They don’t limit anyone, and naturally believe in the good things in mankind. They love harmony. If these people grow up in the right environment, you cannot find any other tree, that is mentally as charismatic. Todays’ hectic, cool and rather material society leaves less and less space for this lovely tree. The apple-tree-person HAS to live with that. If they are not weighed down by that, they are the light in the dark.

These people are philosophers, who are full of imagination and have the pleasure to live their life. They are not interested in surprising or convincing anyone. But don’t see them as thoughtless creatures. As a matter of fact, they are rather intelligent, thoughtful, and logical. People of this sign have talents for science. They read everything on the topic that is interesting for them. They know a lot, but they don’t try to amaze anyone with the depth of their knowledge. The reason for them to read so much is to satisfy their inquisitiveness. Scientific theories are as interesting as good cuisine for them. They prefer pleasures of this world to those of the next one.

The strength of the apple-tree-born lies doubtlessly in their realistic, and at the same time sensitive way. They see contrasts as polarities, and can bring the most extreme situations in a fruitful shape with their wealth of ideas, and their creative talents. Their soft but at the same time clear behaviour gives peace and security to their environment. Their motto is love.

The weakness of the apple-tree-born comes to light, if their strengths are not recognized. If these people shouldn’t find a field of action for their strengths, they run the risk not to find an outlet for their energies. So they shut themselves off from what is really important - LOVE! The result is, that these lovely people ossify, languish, become sarcastic and destructive.

Apple-tree-people need a partner, who realizes their mental variety, and supports them. Then they see their own qualities in others as something positive, and then turn into really charismatic persons. Like no other tree sign, they turn into men or women of many talents, who can carry love out into the world in all its facets.

Druid Horoscope

Apple — Druid Horoscope
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