Chestnut — Druid Horoscope

Chestnut Dates: May 15 - May 24; November 12 - November 21

Traits of people born under Chestnut sign: courage, realism, observation and insight, talent of organization.

Compatible: Oak, Nut & Fig.

Uncompatible: Apple, Willow, Lime, Jasmine, Ash, Olive.

Chestnut-born are helpers in the community. They can adjust to the most different situations, and want to have a supportive effect. Once chestnut-brown have found their ideal in life, they are a source of power. They are, however, very devoted, and rather prefer to take a back seat. Young chestnut-born should be helped with critically finding their aim in life, and with supporting their self-conscience.

This sign’s complexes reveal in adventurism and are not clear for people around them. The sign’s intellectual life, being fast and concrete, is based on observancy. People of this sign are quite talented, fast, and accurate, though they are inclined to dreaminess and philosophical meditations. Much in their life depends on the environment. The sign fully develops its abilities when it receives its relatives’ sympathy and understanding.

Without any doubt, the strength of chestnut-tree-born is their sense for high aims, which are valuable for the community. Once such an aim is found, it rouses an unusual vigor and determination, without losing sight of the well-being of the community. They are so flexible at it, that they like to throw old patterns and habits overboard, to get closer to their goal.

The weakness of the chestnut tree is a result of mislead strong points. If they pursue stubbornly a certain goal, they can come across as missionary and uncompromising. If their attitude is minor to their aim, and they don’t look left nor right, they might miss seeing the variety in life. An unstable chestnut can easily become devotee and negate itself.

A chestnut would never build on fleeting feelings or sole sympathy. They need deep feelings and unison with their partner. Once the chestnut has adjusted to the partner, unexpected worlds of feelings start glowing, and faithfulness is a sure thing. But their constant straightness makes them difficult sometimes.

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Chestnut — Druid Horoscope
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