Cypress — Druid Horoscope

Cypress Dates: January 25 - February 3; July 26 - August 4

Traits of people born under Cypress sign: constancy of feelings, loyalty, reflexivity, intelligence, analytical mind, logic.

Compatible: Apple, Elm, Maple, Jasmine, Birch.

Uncompatible: Fir, Pine, Nutwood, Nut.

Cypress-people are different. And they want to be different. They loathe everything conventional, ordinary. They are looking for the spiritual light, love the art and the unusual. They are very awake, and see something special in everything, and can even open the eyes of others, to show them what they had considered something normal already. Young cypresses are enthusiastic about everything. So if their thirst for knowledge leads them to dark paths, they should be guided back to light. Other than that, these trees don’t need any restrictions, but LIBERTY!

These people try to avoid hot discussions and debates, regardless what topic is being argued. It is their character flexibility that attracts people. The sign is rather dependable. Thus, it tends to be faithful in love, friendship, and other relationships. People of this sign are quite intelligent though this feature is notional. One of their hobbies is having sophisticated talks on any theme. Their judgments are balanced and sensible. Most often, they live a quiet and steady life among those who they love.

The strength of the cypress is their realistic intellect, which makes them discover the world. They are searching for independence, liberty and dispute. They don’t know what boredom means. They are creative, unconventional and have a lively and refreshing nature. They are seldom alone, but mostly in an active exchange with other people, do discuss their ideas and questions. In addition, a good sense for their inner life makes them somewhat mysterious.

The cypress-weakness lies definitely in their tendency to being different. If they don’t find a suitable medium to express themselves, this tendency can turn into compulsion. But the cypress can’t cope with compulsions whether from the in- nor from the outside. The result is, that cypress-people can become ironical and extremely sarcastic. And then they don’t show consideration for anything. This, combined with the fact, that no one ever knows how to judge them, a lot of people just stay away from them.

Cypress-people have a mysterious nature, and therefore have an attracting effect on others. Their partners should be straight, strong persons, to whom the word tolerance is not alien. Cypresses need people with whom they can have an exchange, and who are willing to take mental and emotional steep turns. With a cypress at your side, love and life turns into a great adventure.

Druid Horoscope

Cypress — Druid Horoscope
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