Elm — Druid Horoscope

Elm Dates: January 12 - February 24; July 6 - July 25

Traits of people born under Elm sign: observation, talent of organization, realism.

Compatible: Cypress, Beech, Cedar, Maple, Ash.

Uncompatible: Poplar, Birch, Willow, Nut.

Elm-born look at the world and see the things where other people turn a blind eye to; people who need help. Regardless of themselves they always want to help. In the worst case this can even lead to self-abandonment. Elms should there forego easy on their energy, and should make sure not to lose touch with themselves. As then this pronounced characteristic would easily end in itself and therefore become senseless. The elm can give contents only to itself (and this in times when everybody is thinking only of him- or herself).

This sign likes to supervise and doesn’t like to obey. These people are very skilful in human resource management. This sign’s requirements are as big as love that it gives to people around it. Be patient with this sign, as it deserves such an attitude. The sign can be very faithful. It has a sensible mind and skilful hands. Its lively wit is concrete and practical. Its sense of humor often helps it to get through disappointments. Their life will be pleasant and without any shocks, i.e. they will live the life they wish.

The strong side of the elm is its inborn optimism and joie de vivre. They don’t revel in memories, don’t wait for the future, but love and live NOW. Their openness for everything makes them popular; and their way of not distinguishing themselves gives others the freedom of not having to play a role. To get along with their environment, elms like to take up responsibility and they are good at it. If these qualities are appreciated, that gives a boost to the elm, and it will sparkle with joy, humor and positive-mindedness.

Elm weakness comes to light, when their strengths are not demanded. They cannot deal with hostility and aggression, as these realms are alien to them. Thus their possibilities to defend themselves are limited. And they are easily to be used by unscrupulous people, as for elms the aspect of help is very important. When insecure, the elm can come across as rather arrogant, as it doesn’t know how to protect itself differently.

Loved elm-people are just fantastic. In love they find the safe harbour, where they don’t run the risk of being used or run over. Loving elms just do everything for their partner, and they gain. In love all participants gain something, and something totally great develops, you can only experience with elms who live in the present.

Druid Horoscope

Elm — Druid Horoscope
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