Fir — Druid Horoscope

Fir Dates: January 2 - January 11; July 5 - July 14

Traits of people born under Fir sign: intelligent mind, disposition to analysis, thoughts, logic, asceticism.

Compatible: Pine, Jasmine, Ash, Hornbeam & Olive.

Uncompatible: Apple, Cypress, Maple, Fig.

Fir-tree-born are having a hard time, as they are constantly fighting with themselves. They think they can feel too much coolness and injustice in their environment. Thus they are always busy with protecting their soft mental core. But they are pretty robust and can take much more than they would admit. Once the fir tree has found a clear aim in life, he or she can forget about the self-protection. Then powers are set free that turn them into a man or a woman of many talents. Their real purpose. Kindness and openness are their mental cornerstones.

People of this sign are rather capricious and not quite easy-going in communication and family life. Due to their features, they can feel lonely even in the company of many people. They resist other people’s influence, though they seldom express their opinions, as they are not very talkative and cheerful. This sign is rather proud, self-respecting, and persistent in its goal achievement. It is hard to satisfy these people in love. Also, Fir is rather picky and stubborn. Fir tries to get the most out of life, as it is aware of its qualities. As a rule, this sign gets what it needs and wants.

The strength of the fir tree is its everlasting encounter with the inner and outer world. They trust their feelings and their intuition and are therefore highly sensitized for the outward. As a surface root they can literally hear the gras grow. They are creative people, who mostly stand a bit aside of society, and thus reflect it pretty well by their different way of thinking. It’s their ambition to understand the world. In that they are not demanding in regards to their environment.

Fir tree weakness is their deep vulnerability. Therefore they often seem to be hard and unapproachable. If you break through this shell deliberately or on purpose, the fir can become unpredictable. Outbursts of rage and toughness come to the surface...and then you’d better beware. But the true core of the fir is kindness and softness.

Fir trees would be made for love, if they wouldn’t always be concerned about their hard shell. They are certainly no easy partners, as they sometimes are unpredictable in their feelings. Once they have a tolerant and loving partner, who is down to earth and clearly structured, they reveal their longing for love and security and show more of their soft inner core.

Druid Horoscope

Fir — Druid Horoscope
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