Hornbeam — Druid Horoscope

Hornbeam Dates: June 4 - June 13; December 2 - December 11

Traits of people born under Hornbeam sign: intellect, intuition, fantasy, artistism.

Compatible: Beech, Oak, Fir, Pine, Nutwood.

Uncompatible: Cedar, Maple & Nut.

The grove beech is also called ironwood. That’s because of its enormous resistance. Hornbeam-persons are very tough and rather indestructible. And that in a mental, spiritual and physical aspect. So one should not assume that these people are unfeeling. On the contrary - they are just stable. They are absolutely reliable; and if everyone else turns away from you - hornbeam-born are real friends when you need them.

They are always afraid of making a mistake when doing anything. On the other hand, they feel responsible for what they do and tend to be just. This sign does not like departures from the general rule and tend to go round like a horse in a mill. They look at new ideas with caution. They are rather honest in love. Feelings are an important issue for them. This quality makes them lovely and pleasant partners. However, when there is a choice between love and duty, they choose the second, as a rule.

Grove beech-born are people of action. They act, while others are still discussing. They are realists, and they know their limits, they act on clear principles. They aim high, but they never get lost in the clouds. Once the hornbeam has found a clear goal, it’s solid as a rock.

Grove beech-people understand the laws of nature. Their thought and action is strongly marked by that. They live their life with self-discipline, diligence and order. Every kind of excess is alien to them and gives them a feeling of unease. If a grovebeech is kept prisoner of its own discipline to much, they act strongly on the weaknesses of others. They turn sullen, bad-tempered and hard.

Due to their alignment, grove beech-born have a natural dominance. They were endowed with the role of the protector from birth on. They honor and love their partner sincerely. Their partner should have a diplomatic talent, and be very understanding. But be careful - the rather difficult character of the hornbeam could lead the weakened partner involuntarily into passiveness.

Druid Horoscope

Hornbeam — Druid Horoscope
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