Nut — Druid Horoscope

Nut Dates: April 21 - April 30; October 24 - November 2

Traits of people born under Nut sign: decisiveness, observation, talent of organization.

Compatible: Poplar, Nutwood, Chestnut.

Uncompatible: Elm, Cypress, Rowan, Fig & Olive.

Hazelnut tree-born are full of energy. This energy definitely needs a goal; given that, these people really can perform miracles. No challenge is too big for them. They act courageously. But if this pioneering spirit doesn’t have an inspiring effect, then the hazelnut - tree-born misses his or her aim of life. These aims definitely have to be sounded out.

These people’s appearance is somewhat magic. They can make themselves pleasant for people. Moreover, they can make people love them if needed. This sign can be kind, wise, and patient. On the other hand, it may be dangerous, evil, and harmful. Its behavior and attitude towards people depend on its minute mood or caprice. It can be absolutely kind or extremely evil. Many people of this sign born in Middle Ages were defamed of sorcery - and not always without a reason. Once Hazelnut becomes committed to somebody, it will do everything possible to make this person’s life better and easier. But be cautious, if you don’t succeed in winning this sign’s sympathies.

People born under the hazelnut tree are fighters. They love unknown terrain, challenge; and once they’ve found their field, they will be the pioneers, the researchers for the NEW. That is in a spiritual, mental, and also in a physical aspect.

The weakness of the hazelnut-tree-born are their mislead strengths. If such a strong pioneering spirit enters swampy terrain, it will be shaken by impatience and stubbornness. This will not go unnoticed. This mislead energy shows in a distinct egoism, combined with carelessness and ruthlessness.

Careful, if you give a hazelnut tree reason to jealousy. Besides that, they are passionate people, who admire impressive and steady partners. But if their partner has a tendency towards mediocrity, they lose their interest in them pretty fast.

Druid Horoscope

Nut — Druid Horoscope
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