Pine — Druid Horoscope

Pine Dates: February 19 - February 28/29; August 24 - September 2

Traits of people born under Pine sign: aesthetic mind, talent for organization, disposition to analysis.

Compatible: Fir, Hornbeam, Olive.

Uncompatible: Apple, Cypress, Nutwood.

Pine-tree-born are simply reasonable. And they are really reasonable indeed. The pine tree can support whatever makes sense. To build castles in the air is alien to them and a waste of time. There are much more important things in life that have to be accomplished. With all that devotion to duty and utilitarianism they should not forget, that you have to laugh sometimes, and that you can do things which don’t necessarily make sense, but can still be fun.

Thanks to their boldness and ability to risk, they are the leaders. They are quite successful in professional field regardless of their specialization. Pine is very persistent in what it does, and it is very hard to stop it. People of this sign can deal with the most complicated situations. They are very fast and accurate in their actions. Despite the fact that people of this sign tend to be affable and friendly in communication, they are not very generous. Their well-being and conveniences are of greatest importance for them. Failures of others do not prevent them from having a good night sleep, however they do express sympathy in conversations with their friends.

The strength of the pine tree certainly is their objectivity. They are good at organizing, they put their life on a solid basis, and do everything, to improve this fundament. They won’t be put off their practical aims by mental acrobatics; their actions are always based on clear and sound considerations. Therefore they are mostly blessed with great success in their job.

The weakness of the pine tree lies in its pedantry. Jumps for joy are alien to them, so their life can be rather colorless. Everything has to be well thought out, and while they do this, life sweeps past them. And if a quick decision has to be made, the pines cannot follow, as this takes time to be considered.

Pine-tree-people need a lot of time and courting, before they are able to let go. What’s love got to do with reason? So your partner should be of a steady nature, and with good humor and joie de vivre also show the other sides of life to the pine tree.

Druid Horoscope

Pine — Druid Horoscope
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