Willow — Druid Horoscope

Willow Dates: March 1 - March 10; September 3 - September 12

Traits of people born under Willow sign: intuition, rich imagination.

Compatible: Apple, Rowan, Jasmine, Fig, Birch.

Uncompatible: Oak, Elm, Cedar, Chestnut.

Willow-tree-people are very close to nature; and like the tree loves the water, the person has to be in a constant flow as well. Willows love the challenge and their way of testing their own borders. Their self-image is connected with their border experiences. They love harmony and quite often they gain their well-being with luxury; although they are normally rather undemanding.

eople of this sign are rather difficult partner, as they can’t adapt fast and do not accept compromises. They frequently use defenselessness and feebleness as a means of tactics. Thus, they act as weak creatures that need protection. They do that just for fun or their own benefit. It is necessary to know that they are able to protect themselves well enough.

The strength of the willow tree is their easy access to their inner world. They have an unequaled sense for security and orientation. But they can still transfer the realizations to the outer world. Their toughness, tolerance and philanthropy makes it easy for them to have professional success.

The weakness of the willow lies in their sensitivity. Even if their bark seem to be robust, a sensitive person is hiding behind. If a willow tree doesn’t find a right field of action, they tend to flee from reality. Then they seem pessimistic and sarcastic.

Willow-tree-people are sensitive and endearing partners. They don’t dominate, but also don’t tolerate dominance from others. They are longing for harmony and equality, they want unison in their feelings. With their simple and natural authority,they are a great support to weaker partners.

Druid Horoscope

Willow — Druid Horoscope
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