Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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The full moon is in nurturing Cancer on January 10, increasing your desire to be part of a loving couple. A lunar eclipse occurs at the same time, bringing your home and family life into sharper focus. Use your increased emotional strength to overcome challenges in these areas now.

Informative Mercury takes up with your logical sign on the sixteenth, and for the next couple weeks you’ll have the gift of intelligence and progressive visions. Maybe your love life isn’t meant to be just like everyone else’s, and that’s okay. You do you, Aquarius, and look for a partner who is willing to let you be your eccentric self.

The sun also teams up with your individualistic sign starting on January 20, so you’ll have little reason to hide who you really are. Your best chance at finding love now is via unconventional means. The dating apps that all your friends rave about will be virtually useless to you now.

Monthly Love Horoscope