Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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Pluto’s retrograde cycle gave you a chance to reflect on some important issues these last few months, so when regenerative Pluto goes direct on October 3, you’ll get the opportunity to put some of those thoughts to practical use. Can you feel it, Aquarius? Your love life is about to go through a great transformation.

An inconvenient Venus-Uranus opposition on the twelfth also brings changes, but they might not be quite as welcome. You need your freedom now more than ever, and while dating might be exciting, this isn’t when you’ll likely find long-term love.

It’s frustrating to try hard only to fail during the Mars-Saturn square on October 27, but you can learn a lot from these experiences if you pay attention. Are you focusing your energy on the wrong things or people? Try working on yourself before trying to be part of a couple.

Monthly Love Horoscope