Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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When communication guru Mercury partners with your outgoing, slightly offbeat sign on January 8, your personal interactions get extremely interesting. Your perfect match now is someone who can keep up with your odd thinking and who’s willing to talk about some pretty out-there topics.

Lover of change Uranus, your ruler, goes direct while in security-seeking Taurus on the fourteenth, which creates a conundrum. On the one hand, you see the attraction of taking a new path, but on the other, there’s probably someone who is a “safe bet,” which cuts down the odds of rejection. You have some decisions to make, Aquarius.

When the sun leaves earthy Capricorn for your airy, freedom-loving sign on January 19, you can finally break free from convention. You don’t care what other people think about your love life now, which leaves you free to totally be yourself.

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