Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

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Dwarf planet Pluto has the power to help you transform your love life. As it goes direct on October 3, you should regain some of the momentum you feel you’ve lost over the last couple months. Now that things appear to be back on track, what would you like to change?

The Aries full moon on the thirteenth gives you the push you need to make the first move in a romantic situation, but it’s still nerve-wracking and scary. You aren’t used to taking the initiative, and your self-doubt can get the better of you. Capitalize on the Ram’s forward nature to put your inhibitions aside while you go after what you really want.

The idealistic Venus-Neptune trine on October 21 paints a pretty picture, but what good is it if you’re outside the frame looking in? You can dream up all the intangible love stories you want, Cancer, but they won’t get you any closer to real-life love. Enjoy your daydreams now, but remember that you must face reality sometime.

Monthly Love Horoscope