Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

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Your emotions are all over the place as the moon moves through your restless sign on February 3 and February 4, but that’s part of the fun. You aren’t in the mood to settle down, so why not just enjoy where your feelings take you? Being up one minute and down the next is part of the ride when you’re on a love roller coaster!

Communicative Mercury meets up with reserved Pisces, also on the third, which could cause you to hold off saying something you really want to say. It isn’t like you to be this shy, but you don’t want to regret anything. It’s okay to retreat inward for a while until you’re feeling more confident about your decisions.

The sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces on February 25 puts your dreams in the spotlight, and they could reveal a lot of helpful information if you’re looking for answers to relationship problems. This is a good time to keep a dream journal and pay attention to recurring symbolism.

Monthly Love Horoscope