Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

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If love is in the air when Venus partners up with Virgo on October 2, it won’t be obvious. Look for subtle ways that someone is trying to tell you they like you, Leo. A subtle glance here or an act of kindness there might be their way of letting you know they care.

Transformative Pluto comes out of its retrograde period on the fourth, opening up your world to new personal revelations. What have you learned about yourself these last few months? When you apply that knowledge to your love life, good things can happen. The future is yours when you use the past as a tool for growth.

The brilliant sun enters Scorpio’s mysterious waters on October 22, giving you a magnetic presence in any room you walk into. People will want to get to know you better, but for once you aren’t an open book. Playing hard to get is really sexy now.

Monthly Love Horoscope