Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

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With the full moon and lunar eclipse in hardworking Capricorn on July 4, you won’t want to take no for an answer. You’ve been steadily working toward something you really want, and you won’t let anyone take it away from you. Self-sabotage is always a factor with you, but the Ram’s energy helps you believe in yourself and your goals.

A new moon in understanding Cancer on the twentieth is a good time to decide to forgive someone, even if they haven’t apologized or asked you to. The more you hang on to bad feelings about an ex, the more they prevent you from having a healthy relationship with someone new.

Your personality shines when the sun enters your bright sign on July 22, and your magnetism is undeniable. Don’t be surprised if you hear from someone you’ve been crushing on lately. Maybe they didn’t know you were alive before, but they do now!

Monthly Love Horoscope