Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

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Love and romance take on a very practical form when Venus pairs up with meticulous Virgo on October 2. You’ll be a stickler for details now and insist that your dates be on time. Try to avoid being overly critical. It’s a lot harder to find love if you are.

Communications manager Mercury goes retrograde while in emotional Scorpio on the thirteenth, and you know what that means. For the next three weeks, you shouldn’t take anything for granted when it comes to travel, technology, and communicating. Check the details twice or even three times before making your final plans.

You breathe a lot easier when romantic Venus leaves strict Virgo for your relaxed sign on October 27, because with your home planet comfortably airing things out, you’re finally back in your comfort zone. Compromise is the key to happiness now. Anyone who only wants things their way is not your ideal match.

Monthly Love Horoscope