Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

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It isn’t the greatest match when driven Mars enters your peaceful planet on October 3, but just like with everything else, you strive to make it work. Sometimes you have to know when to say when, though. If you’re spending too much time on something that’s not working, Libra, it might be best to just move on.

The full effect of the complications from the unpredictable Venus-Uranus opposition on the twelfth might not be known immediately, but you might start to feel some awkward energy right away. You strive for balance in your life, but sometimes even you can’t create the equilibrium that you desire. Don’t give up, but don’t waste too much time on someone who isn’t going to budge anytime soon.

You finally get some positive news during the Venus-Pluto sextile on October 25, and it’s nice have something to look forward to. Have you been wondering when an all-encompassing, life-changing romantic event would happen to you? This might be it!

Monthly Love Horoscope