Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

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The full moon in emotional Cancer on January 10 insists on exposing all of your feelings, but you might not be ready to disclose them just yet. If you’ve been talking to or seeing someone but aren’t sure where it will lead, there’s no reason to put it all on the line now.

The stressful Mercury-Uranus square on the eighteenth brings some nervous tension to your personal interactions, so don’t expect to be a smooth talker or expert flirt. You’ve got a lot to say, but it doesn’t always come out the way you intend it to during this transit, Libra.

On January 26, another square, this time between loving Venus and powerful Mars, can bring out passionate feelings, which you actually welcome if it’s been a while since you’ve felt this attracted to someone. Be aware of any underlying issues that might make this union a bad idea, though. Just because it feels good doesn’t mean you should do it.

Monthly Love Horoscope