Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

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Pluto goes direct in ambitious Capricorn on October 3, putting your romantic goals clearly in focus. Now that you can see what might be in your future, you’re more anxious than ever to move forward. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from past mistakes as you move toward something more positive and fulfilling.

Your words are soft and your voice is gentle during the dreamy Mercury-Neptune trine on the fifteenth, so this is the perfect time to communicate your innermost feelings. Let a crush know exactly what they’re missing—in the subtlest way possible—by not being with you, Pisces.

The stressful Mars-Saturn square on October 27 makes you really think about what you’re missing, but the more you try to capture it, the more you fail. Is it time to change things up? You aren’t as afraid to make a move if you know the chance of rejection is low, so try to find out how someone feels about you before making your move.

Monthly Love Horoscope