Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

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Fire sign Sagittarius plays host to the full moon and lunar eclipse on June 5, but resist the urge to do something totally out of character. Just because you get swept up in the moment doesn’t mean you should act on a whim. You have more sense than that, Taurus.

The sun-Neptune square on the eleventh casts a shadow of doubt on your love life and leaves you confused about someone you thought you knew. Have you been making a lot of wrong decisions lately? An upcoming moment of clarity could put things back into perspective if you follow your intuition.

Misleading Neptune goes retrograde in indecisive Pisces on June 22, setting the record straight on a lot of things. This is the clarity you’ve been waiting for, although the truth might be a little harsher than you were expecting or hoping for. Try to stay positive despite your shattered illusions.

Monthly Love Horoscope