Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

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Will you be labeled superficial if you date someone who’s extremely attractive? Maybe. Maybe not. But when the moon passes through your beauty-adoring sign on February 1 and February 2, you can’t help admiring (and asking out) the most gorgeous person in the room!

Your home planet Venus pairs up with Aries on the seventh, creating a powerful and sometimes overwhelming romantic force. You’re used to being a little more patient and tactful, so you might not know what to do with all this aggressive energy. If you find yourself doing things that could lead to negative consequences, do your best to dial them back.

The Venus-Jupiter square on February 23 creates a “just have fun” atmosphere, but what about all your responsibilities? You’re normally a very rational person, but if someone sweeps you off your feet now, you might be up in the air for a while!

Monthly Love Horoscope