Libra 2018 Love Horoscope

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Libras are always interested in love and romance, but this year less so than usual. Your 7th House is not a House of Power this year. Thus, you have more freedom and latitude in this department. You have the opportunity to shape this area as you will. Usually, the status quo prevails. Marrieds tend to stay married, singles tend to stay single. I read this as a contentment with things as they are. Everything is OK, so there is no need to make any major changes.
Your 11th House of Friends is also empty this year (only the short-term planets will move through – and those only briefly). This too shows a status-quo year. Everything is OK and friendships will more or less continue as they have been.
On September 25, Jupiter will move into your own Sign of Libra. This means a more romantic period for the world in general. But for you I read this as more romance within your current relationship.
Mars is your Love Planet and he will move through nine of the 12 Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in the year ahead. He will not tarry in any Sign or House for too long. This shows that romantic opportunities will come in a variety of ways this year. The needs and attitudes in love will shift periodically. We will deal with these issues in the month-by-month forecasts.
A Solar Eclipse on April 19 will test the current marriage or relationship. But this will not affect all Libras, only those born later in the Sign – those born from October 10 to October 23.
Libras working towards a second marriage have a status- quo year. If they are married they will probably stay married, and if single they will stay single. Those working towards a third marriage likewise. But those working towards a fourth marriage have wonderful opportunities happening after September 25. This could be with a neighbour (perhaps a new neighbour) or someone involved in your educational life and interests.
One of your parents (or parent figures) is much more socially aggressive this year. He or she is reaching out to others, conducting a charm offensive, working to make new friends and to attract love. These efforts seem to bear fruit.
Children of marriageable age have a status-quo love year. They are very idealistic about love and perhaps there are few humans who can live up to their standards.
Grandchildren of marriageable age are having crises in their relationships. If married, the marriage is in trouble. If single, the current relationship is in crisis. They are in the process of transforming their love attitudes now – and when this happens, current relationships get destabilized.

2018 Love Horoscope


Libra 2018 Love Horoscope
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