Taurus 2020 Love Horoscope

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Neither your 7th House of Love and Marriage nor your 11th House of Friendship are Houses of Power this year. Usually this shows a maintenance of the status quo. Marrieds tend to stay married, singles to stay single. There is much freedom in love but also less interest. You’ve got other things on your mind this year.

But again, things are happening elsewhere in your life that could affect this status quo – especially for those of you who are married or involved in a serious relationship. Mars makes a highly unusual seven-month transit through the Sign of Sagittarius this year (usually it moves through a Sign in two months), from February 14th to September 8th. Thus it will spend most of the year near or conjunct to your Love Planet.

For those involved in committed relationships this shows a testing of the current relationship. New revelations will come out about your beloved or about your relationship, which could shock you. There will be much passion in the relationship – both positive and negative. Love-making will be especially good, but temper tantrums, jealousy and possessiveness could also erupt. The relationship could be stressed because your partner seems very busy with work issues and seems consumed by the job. In many cases your partner’s health needs attention. Solid relationships, of course, will weather these things and get even better. But the shaky ones are vulnerable.

For singles, this Mars transit is showing social aggressiveness. You go after what you want with great courage. It will be difficult for you (whether you are male or female) to take no for an answer. You want to sweep the beloved off his or her feet. In many cases there will be great idealism in love – a search for ultimate perfection. There’s nothing wrong with this per se, but your standards could be unrealistic and could lead to disillusion after disillusion. Perfect love can only come from a higher, super-human power – you must go there for perfection. Human love is hedged in and limited.

During this period singles find love at spiritual centres, meetings, the church, mosque or synagogue. Charitable events are also likely meeting grounds. The universe is going to train your intuition through love and social matters.

Mars conjunct your Love Planet shows that sexual passion and fireworks are being mistaken for real love.

Your parents’ marriage is still stormy and volatile – many, many changes are going on here. This has been a long-term trend. If a parent is single, his or her social life is unstable with many love opportunities coming or going suddenly. Those of you with children of marriageable age should see the status quo maintained this year – those who are married should stay married, those who are single will probably remain single. Those of you old enough to have grandchildren of marriageable age should hear some good news after July 13th. A marriage or serious relationship is very likely this year.

Those of you working towards a second marriage should have had many opportunities in the past two years. There is still a good chance of something cropping up in the first four months of this year. Someone older, established, a corporate or managerial type is in your life and this could lead to marriage. Those of you working towards a third marriage will meet up with a good opportunity after July 13th. Someone in the neighbourhood or who is involved in your career is in the picture.

2020 Love Horoscope