Weekly Love Horoscope

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 18 — Love takes a productive turn this week as you'll begin to examine the purpose and function behind your romance. Paying attention to these details may not feel fun or sexy, but the truth is, you'll be more concerned with value and substance anyway. This Tuesday Venus moves into discerning Virgo where she remains until October 14. If you're in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart will analyze all of the nooks and crannies that make up your special connection, trying to get it right. If you're single, this might be when you craft a checklist for the perfect mate that leaves out just about every human being on the planet. Why not make that careful list, but instead of allowing it to be endless, limit it to your five must-haves in a relationship? Challenging? Yes. Worthwhile? Definitely.

Weekly Love Horoscopes


Weekly Love Horoscope
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