Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

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April 19-25: In his personal life, calm will come, in the third week of April, the love horoscope gives an optimistic forecast. Family relations will be even, if there are disagreements, they will quickly stop. Lonely people will not have to be bored, there is a reason to have fun: friends will not leave you to their own devices. In the first days of the week, Aries can be at the mercy of deceptive ideas. Venus in Taurus guarantees strong affection, even to the point of annoyance. When you feel a strong attraction, take your time to go down the aisle. Your love can be possessive, which does not give hope for a happy future.

Any problem is surmountable: in the middle of the week you will feel secure support under your feet. The Sun in the sign of Taurus is characterized by stubbornness and assertiveness. The weekly love horoscope for Aries advises you to direct energy to peaceful purposes, spend a quiet evening alone with your soul mate. Over the weekend, Aries will be at their peak of their sex appeal. With the Moon in Libra, relationships develop harmoniously. You will be so attractive to the opposite sex that there is no need to artificially heat up interest in yourself. It remains to catch admiring glances.

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