Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

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January 18-24: Visualization of romantic fantasies will bear fruit, the love horoscope for the third week of January promises success in the search for new acquaintances. A romantic mood is in the air, the chances of a strong relationship increase. Even couples with experience will not resist the pressure of a flare of passion. To get some inspiration early in the week, Cancer may come up with a new love game. Venus in Capricorn gives perseverance and impenetrability: I see the goal, I see no obstacles. Looking for love? Do it playfully: fill out a form on a dating site or match yourself on social networks.

Having a fight with your boss in the middle of the week will bring confusion to your life. When the Sun is in Aquarius, work fades into the background: passion clouded the mind. The weekly love horoscope for Cancer believes that an office romance can interfere with your career. Heed the advice of the management. The weekend will not bring Cancer surprises: the situation is stable on the love front. The Moon in Gemini helps you decide on a change. However, before you make a big life change, get your affairs in order. General cleaning will save the house from dust and dirt, and work on yourself — from unnecessary thoughts.

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