Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

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October 19-25: The initiative will be appropriate, in the third week of October, the love horoscope suggests acting decisively. You shouldn’t hope for a lucky coincidence, personal happiness is in your hands. Don’t wait for the first step from your partner, arrange a date or make a nice gift. A nice bonus awaits a free Cancer at the beginning of the week: flirting to the point of insanity. Venus in Virgo indicates emancipation, the ability to present oneself from an advantageous side. You are infinitely beautiful, just take it for granted and charm everyone around you: start conversations with anyone, whenever you want.

In the middle of the week, work will be more important than feelings, but it is better to combine these areas of life: the Sun in Libra teaches patience and flexibility. If you are passionate about a colleague, the weekly love horoscope for Cancer advises you to channel energy towards achieving career goals. Glitter of admiring eyes will be your reward. On the weekend, Cancers must decide which is more important — a rich inner world or outer beauty. Under the Moon in Aquarius, you need to realistically assess your capabilities. If you want to please your chosen one, try to look brighter than usual. And you will demonstrate your spiritual qualities later.

Weekly Love Horoscope