Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

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April 19-25: Disagreements will bypass the love horoscope for the third week of April does not foresee any particular upheavals in personal life. Circumstances will develop exactly as you would like. You will probably hear important and long-awaited words that will fill the relationship with a special meaning. At the beginning of the week, Cancer will take part in family showdowns. Venus in the sign of Taurus is responsible for responsiveness, the desire to live in the interests of society. If relatives decide to quarrel, do not succumb to a decadent mood, be the first to make concessions — this will help achieve harmony.

In the middle of the week, you will have to worry about health. When the Sun is in Taurus, the risk of poisoning increases: the craving for food is too strong. If you do not want to fall out of life, the weekly love horoscope for Cancer advises you to follow a plant-based diet. Your partner will appreciate your food pickiness. On weekends, Cancers risk ruining their reputation by wearing an awkward outfit. With the Moon in the sign of Libra, the sensitivity to beauty sharpens. Do not upset your chosen one, do not make him blush. If you have nothing to wear, go shopping urgently: shopping will be successful.

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