Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

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April 19-25: In his personal life, calm will come, in the third week of April, the love horoscope gives an optimistic forecast. Family relations will be even, if there are disagreements, they will quickly stop. Lonely people will not have to be bored, there is a reason to have fun: friends will not leave you to their own devices. Cupid’s arrow can hurt Capricorn: the first days of the week will be clouded with suspicion. Venus in Taurus increases intolerance, inability to forgive insults and betrayal. Inflamed with passion, do not demand from the chosen one what he is not able to give you. Jealousy can ruin a romance that has just begun.

In the middle of the week, you will be far from routine: the Sun in Taurus pushes you to seek exciting sensations. The weekly love horoscope for Capricorn states: you will have to try hard to win the heart of the chosen one. Do not be trivial, present him with a truly royal gift. The personal life of Capricorns on the weekend will sparkle with new colors. The Moon in Libra lulls, reduces concentration. Take advantage of this moment of general complacency to improve your relationship with your significant other. Listen to your heart: you will understand how to turn the situation in your direction.

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