Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

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October 26 – November 1: Questions of a personal nature will be solved easily, according to the love horoscope, the fourth week of October will be successful for you. You are in top shape, full of energy and enthusiasm — it’s time to act. Do not follow the beaten path, look for new opportunities, surprise your partner with your creativity. At the beginning of the week, the most valuable thing for Gemini will be the ability to live in harmony with themselves. Venus in the sign of Libra increases the desire for harmony, gives rise to aesthetic flair. If you dream of personal happiness, prepare to meet love. Sexy outfit, perfect hairstyle — you are perfect.

By asking friends for help in the middle of the week, you can spark the interest of one of them. It is very easy to lose composure under the Sun in the sign of Scorpio. The weekly love horoscope for Gemini does not see anything reprehensible in flirting: a strong friendship can develop into a strong feeling. Feeling unwell, Gemini may change their plans for the weekend. With the Moon in Taurus, an interest in earthly affairs appears. Do not delay your visit to the doctor, you may have to undergo treatment. If the chosen one really loves you, he will support this initiative and even keep a company.

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