Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

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September 28 – October 4: Personal life will sparkle with bright colors, the love horoscope for the fourth week of September promises a romantic acquaintance. Fate will bring you into contact with interesting people, try to attract attention to yourself. Communicate, flirt, and compliments — your efforts will not be in vain. At the beginning of the week, Leo can be sure of his luck. Venus in Leo gives you sexual activity: pleasure without boundaries. Having made a new acquaintance, immediately go on the offensive — arrange a passionate date. You don’t have to keep your distance if you feel mutual attraction.

Cozy atmosphere, loved one nearby, what else can you dream of in the middle of the week? The Sun in the sign of Libra has a melancholy mood. The weekly love horoscope for Leo assumes that you will have time to redo a lot of useful things. It’s never boring together — you’ll see for sure. On the weekend, Leos will be able to withstand any physical activity. Under the Moon in the sign of Taurus, self-confidence increases. If you dream of a perfect figure, you will not achieve anything in a snap. Make a training plan, exercise with your mood — conquer the whole world with your beauty.

Weekly Love Horoscope