Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

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January 18-24: A chance meeting can change your life, the love horoscope for the third week of January does not exclude the resumption of previous acquaintances. Even if the separation was stormy, there is a chance to restore former happiness. If you are ready to forgive past grievances, start the relationship anew, from scratch. Leo’s stubbornness can cause quarrels: the first days of the week are unstable in terms of personal relationships. Venus in Capricorn forms a reverent attitude towards the family. Now for you the interests of loved ones are in the first place. To avoid conflicts, listen to your partner’s advice, you will understand their importance.

In the middle of the week, have a tea party for two: indulge in pleasant memories. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius makes you want to emphasize your originality. The weekly love horoscope for Leo offers not just to while away the time for a pleasant activity, but to hold a Chinese tea ceremony. By hiding their problems, Leos can ruin relationships with children: the end of the week will turn out to be alarming. The Moon in the sign of Gemini helps to gain respect in the family. Don’t be afraid to drop your parenting authority, admit mistakes you have made. Sometimes children are wiser than adults, listen to their opinion.

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