Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

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April 12-18: According to the love horoscope in the second week of April there will be a lot of opportunities for romantic dating. Lonely people can find their happiness if they believe in love at first sight. Couples will have to urge all their wisdom to successfully resist temptations. In the first days of the week, Pisces will be irresistible if they change their usual style. Venus in the sign of Aries makes you think more boldly, cocky and selfishness begin to prevail in the character. Away with boring clothes, put on something bright, flattering, and you will definitely be noticed.

In the middle of the week you will feel a surge of vivacity and strength, positive emotions will become the key to good health. The Sun in Aries does not guarantee a quiet life. The weekly love horoscope for Pisces advises not to lose the fuse: drink a vitamin complex, master breathing exercises. The main enemy of lonely Pisces at the end of the week is shyness. The Moon in Gemini gives emotional mobility, sociability. Conquer your weakness, try to be in public more often. Go to a concert or karaoke club with the company — you never know where fate might await.

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