Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

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September 28 – October 4: Personal problems will be a heavy burden; in the fourth week of September, the love horoscope predicts minor quarrels and even major conflicts. If you and your partner stop understanding each other, remember the pleasant moments of life together. Try not to involve third parties in your relationship. Financial difficulties Sagittarius can be an obstacle to the development of relations: the first days of the week will bring sudden expenses. Venus in Leo enhances impulsiveness, a thirst for material goods. In order not to get bogged down in debt, rely on the help of your partner, let him take part in your affairs.

In the middle of the week, nothing spoils a good mood. The Sun in the sign of Libra teaches you to find the positive even in unpleasant moments. The weekly love horoscope for Sagittarius thinks you look great. If there are minor skin defects, the beautician will cope with them in no time. For Sagittarius, the weekend is another reason to emphasize their exclusivity. With the Moon in Taurus, gastronomic taste becomes thinner, appetite increases. Having decided to show your other half your culinary talents, do not overdo it with exotic. Unfamiliar food can cause food poisoning.

Weekly Love Horoscope