Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

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April 12-18: A wave of romance will cover with your head, in the second week of April, the love horoscope predicts pleasant events. In the life of lonely hearts, old acquaintances may appear, it is likely that feelings will develop into something more than friendly communication. Married couples expect a second honeymoon. Quarrels and bickering with an ex-partner will take a lot of energy, at the beginning of the week Taurus will be vulnerable. Venus in the sign of Aries enhances the independence of nature, the desire to fight for personal freedom. Letting go of toxic relationships and shaking off the burden of memories will help build new love.

A common household quarrel that breaks out in the middle of the week can be the end of a relationship. Under the Sun in the sign of Aries, an unhealthy passion arises, the desire to be sure to be right. The weekly love horoscope for Taurus sees a simple solution to the problem of who should take out the trash: the one who is more comfortable. Amorous disappointments, overestimated expectations, resentments are a heavy burden that Taurus should get rid of on the weekend. With the Moon in Gemini, the mind becomes sharp and the reactions are quick. If you want to improve your personal life, feel free to flirt — this is a signal of your readiness to start a relationship.

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