Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

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January 25-31: Avoid outside interference, the love horoscope for the fourth week of January predicts the machinations of envious people. Perhaps your happiness does not give others rest, trust your partner more, and not rumors and slander. Strive for stability, find a common goal to strengthen your alliance. From the first days of the week, life will improve, fate will adapt itself to all the desires of Taurus. Venus in the sign of Capricorn contributes to the appearance of qualities such as determination, perseverance. To make a sharp breakthrough in your relationship, take a daring act: publicly confess your love.

By sorting out old things in the middle of the week, you can find valuable finds. Under the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, teamwork is especially successful, it is better to work together. The weekly love horoscope for Taurus advises to involve household members in cleaning. Don’t throw away memorabilia — this is your family’s story. To get closer to children, Taurus will try to please them on the weekend. The Moon in the sign of Virgo smoothes out emotional outbursts. Do not announce your plans in advance, arrange a surprise: a trip to the circus, an amusement park, a picnic in nature. Feel like a child, do not be afraid to fall into childhood — sometimes it is useful.

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