2018 Love Horoscope

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In the Chinese horoscope, the Dog is a sign of a sincere relationship, of infinite devotion. Therefore, in 2018, luck will accompany people with an open mind and a good heart. The sign of the Yellow Dog obeys the Earth element, it is responsible for stability, well-being in all spheres of life. With special trembling mistress of 2018 refers to lovers, for her in the first place eternal values: family, children.

The love horoscope for 2018 predicts new acquaintances, stormy novels for all signs of the western zodiac without an exception. And the marriages registered in 2018 will be extremely strong. Family couples will have to plunge into pleasant troubles: moving to a new apartment or a spacious house, the birth of children. A caring Dog will take care of stable material prosperity, so nothing will distract lovers from family affairs.

Love Horoscope 2018 Year for Women

Representatives of the fair sex can fully trust the Earth Dog, she will try to do everything possible to ensure that 2018 passed without anxiety and loss. The love horoscope indicates a pleasant change in your personal life. Free girls will meet a man of their dreams. Married women in the year of Dog will feel so calm and peaceful that they will completely forget about past failures in family life. However, the Yellow Dog is a fair creature, so it will require an extremely honest attitude to loved ones. The slightest hint of flirting or a passing romance on the side will have unpleasant consequences.

The love horoscope for 2018 promises that almost every woman in a romantic relationship will receive an offer of marriage. Especially successful in the search for a lover will be representatives of earth signs, because the Yellow Dog itself belongs to the elements of Earth. Therefore, Virgo and Capricorn can easily choose a wedding dress. Good relations with the hostess of 2018 with impulsive people of fiery signs, she is very sympathetic to Aries and Sagittarius. Especially touching The dog protects the peace of gentle Pisces and Cancers, so it's sure to pick up a worthy couple. A lot of concern is caused by the women of air signs, they are too windy and fickle, the Dog calls them to prudence.

Yellow Dog — a faithful keeper of family traditions, therefore zealously protects the peace of married couples. The love horoscope for 2018 recommends that women be more active, in their power to kindle the fire of the former passion. In the family life of earthly signs, complete harmony will reign, it is only for Taurus and Capricorn to become a bit more compliant and tender. Women of air signs will be able to surprise and please the spouse with her inexhaustible imagination, Aquarius and Gemini will have a romantic journey. In the life of watermarks, according to the love horoscope for 2018, there will come a strip of luck. The second half will be caring and attentive to Scorpions and Cancers. Women of fire signs, especially the Lions, will have to step back from their work for the benefit of the family, which will benefit the relationship.

For Earth Dog there is no greater joy than to see children's smiles. In 2018, many women will be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a mother. The love horoscope predicts an early replenishment in the family, and pregnancy will be easy, and childbirth — safe. Particularly to the face of the mother will have Pisces, fragile women will bring a new stream of tenderness to the newborn. Scorpions will dissipate activity, their services will be assisted by numerous relatives. The women of aerial signs will settle down and become the most caring mothers, Libra will be able to find harmony and inner peace. Active Capricorns and Taurus will forget about all their affairs, and women of fire signs will be the most beautiful mothers.

Love Horoscope 2018 Year for Men

A good-natured dog is set for friendship and fruitful cooperation, but this does not mean that men can completely relax. In 2018, do not have to work hard and work hard, there will be time for a long-awaited holiday. However, the Dog will strictly ask from everyone who dares to take advantage of her kindness to the detriment of loved ones. A love horoscope warns men of all signs of the Western zodiac of novels on the side. Year of the Earth Dog — time for new acquaintances and strengthening relationships, it is worth forgetting about flirting with other women. All attention should be focused solely on wives and beloved girls. Men will have to work hard to get the relationship to a new level.

Bachelors in 2018 will get a real opportunity to create a family. The love horoscope shows that almost all marriages concluded during the reign of the Yellow Dog will be happy. For men of earth signs, the Dog will try to create the most favorable conditions. Hardworking Taurus and Capricorn will be able to find the other half right on the job. The most successful in finding their only one will be Sagittarius, their cheerful mood and the desire for adventure will make a proper impression on the girls. Men of water signs will forget about their indecision and will begin to demonstrate the wonders of sociability. Pisces and Scorpions will be exactly on the wedding trip for the rest of the year.

Family men have to live, perhaps, one of the best periods of life. The love horoscope for 2018 predicts complete harmony in the relationship. However, the Dog warns that it does not encourage scandals and bouts of jealousy. And about flirting, novels on the side, and completely forget. Energetic and unpredictable men of air signs will be happy to go with family on a trip, for example, Aquarius organize an unforgettable vacation. Practical Virgos completely forget about their quibbles and comments, throughout the year they will not leave a good mood. Bright, charismatic representatives of fiery signs will decide to take a break from their work and completely devote themselves to the family.

Wise Yellow Dog understands perfectly well how important a birth event for each family is. The love horoscope for 2018 predicts the appearance of an heir in men who have long thought about it. In the power of the Dog to arrange everything in such a way that the birth of a child not only does not violate the plans of the young fathers, but will also have a beneficial effect on their lives. Hard-working men of earth signs will find time to pay attention to the newborn. Pisces will be pleased to feel responsible for a defenseless creature. Temperamental Leos literally dissolve in their heir. And frivolous Aquarius and Gemini will prove themselves as responsible fathers.

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2018 Love Horoscope
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