Aquarius 2016 Love Horoscope

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The year 2015 starts with a lot of inner agitation; with a stage of becoming aware of many structures at a subconscious level; with a moment of recollection and affective nostalgia. You will keep feeling an intense need to evolve on an evolutionary plan, on all emotional levels and plans. Your relationship with your loved one is what you value the most.

However, as long as silence will govern the status of your relationship, there will be tensions. And especially drawbacks!

March brings back the tendency to restructure your ambitions towards social achievements. And this may lead to personal manifestations where time is measured per grams. Most likely, your relationship will need a lot of affinity and collaboration again and again or, at least, a good organization of your couple’s graphic.

August will be a month that brings a change of situation and, one on top of the other, life will ask for its right to maximal transformations in more and more obvious ways. You will have to suffer those even in the form of some losses or simply following some affective, emotional crisis. It’s very likely that this will help you understand the importance of your last actions to your couple. In case you had incoherent intentions or actions, you will suffer revising in the second half of this year, which will help you improve step by step.

You still want to get yourself noticed at any costs and because of that, you still have the tendency to leave your couple’s relationship on a somehow secondary plan. It is indicated to implement many changes and mediation in communication and collaboration, so that your relationship will not have to go through a fiasco. Let events fold easily and naturally combined with the opportunities destiny gives you on an evolutionary level because this year, your love stories needs quality of thinking and of expression. If you could stop only for a few moments from all the agitation, take a breath of air, notice the importance of the person next to you and give them the attention they deserve, you will find the beauty of things that connect the two of you. It will also help you be who you are right now and become the person you undoubtedly want to become.

This year’s motto is: “I change my view by embracing a different level of being aware of information, communication and expression. I will follow my and our future accomplishment with a great ambition. Thus, I will make sure that the rigidity of our values will finally be tangential with the bright future of our relationship. This is the relationship that we struggle to empower right now and destiny offered it to me as a huge chance!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Aquarius 2016 Love Horoscope
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