Gemini 2016 Love Horoscope

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2016 starts with a high dose of turbulences. Stubbornness on an affective level. Some sort of “Carmen and Don Jose!”- like sensations and scenes. It is a year when the need for a lot of passion and the endeavors on the relational level will turn your life up-side down.

A high dose of a bitter-sweet potion will make your relationship leave a stronger mark on you. Moods that will not let you stay indifferent. Or experiences that will not be only half-sized any longer, as you used to manifest them so far.

The first semester brings you many lessons to learn from on a relational level; to grow up on that level. Extreme situations that you need to overcome. Limitations and decisions to be taken in a consistent way with long term effects. At the same time, this may bring you many shocks at this level if you don’t behave seriously and with emotional integrity.

Thus, until the first half of August, our life orbits around love stories. Love keeps sending you on unimaginable lands, continuing last year’s sceneries. However, the difference is that now you also have to behave in a serious and responsible way regarding what you manifest and feel. Short term love stories are no longer working for you. Or, even better, the list of apparent and shallow conquests. Now, the destiny definitely wants you to be a “man/woman at his/her own house”. But you will still have to work for this. In November, the scenery will take a step on another scale of values that is the family, the domestic one. Your own dwelling-place. Probably this will have a major impact on a marital plan as well. But this happens only if you will use the first half of the year constructively and with perspective. By bearing through the tests and successfully passing them. Grow up by learning to love sincerely, purely and deeply!

This year’s motto for you is: “I will love with a lot of passion, with maturity and honesty. I will stop talking just for the sake of talking. But I will take action on everything I say, on everything I wish to achieve on an emotional level. So that, in the end, I will have the family I’ve been dreaming about. Together with my loved one – the one that I dream of!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Gemini 2016 Love Horoscope
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