Leo 2016 Love Horoscope

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The beginning of this year brings ardor into your life with a highlight on affection. Your need of romance, of being theatrical might encounter some restrictions on the love plan. However, it will help you towards overcoming some emotional extreme situations.

Until the second half of March, you will have to go through stages of maturity regarding your feelings. Your tendency to build lasting things in our life will be successful. After that, the restrictive mark comes back onto the private, intimate sector; onto the domestic segment. There, you will have to set your levels straight. You will have to make proof of a lot of maturity and seriousness. Otherwise, your tendency of reorganization will turn your life up-side down.

The maximum tendency that will keep you and your loved one strongly bonded together is going to be good communication and collaboration; the manifest of amiability between the two of you; the new visions towards new eras. So, you will have to follow the big turn towards the new stages in your life.

Starting the second half of August and especially starting November 12th, you will have the possibility and the tendency to cherish more and more the real values; the tangible, relational basis. You will start building plans and directions for your couple through completion and financial goals. Maybe you purchase a real estate that you both dreamed of. Maybe a car or something. Or maybe it’s just the building of your couple’s fortress stone by stone. There will come some future perspectives with a materialistic aspect that will turn your love story into reality. A lasting one! This year, communication is very, extremely important!

Regardless of the pressures or tests that you will have to go through, it will tremendously help both you and your couple’s partner! The motto that will guide you this year is: “I live, I love! I learn to love beautifully, maturely, responsibly. I want to share all of my thoughts and ideas with my loved one and I want to turn our dreams into reality, a tangible one. And we will make it…we made it!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Leo 2016 Love Horoscope
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