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Earth Pig favors temperamental Leos, he likes their proud and independent temper. For the people of the fire sign, 2019 is the time of change for the better. The stars promise success in any endeavors, stable material prosperity. Life of the Leos will be filled with happiness and prosperity, a special joy will be delivered to the relationship with the opposite sex. Novels, meetings, partings — the norm for people of this sign in 2019.

The love horoscope predicts significant changes in the personal life of Leo. The position of the stars indicates new acquaintances, and the romantic hobby necessarily grows into a strong marriage. Even if the Leos do not dare to play the wedding before the end of 2019, they will remain true to their choice for many years, and perhaps for the rest of their lives. Family Leos can refresh their feelings, they have to take a fresh look at the partner.

Leo-Women Love Horoscope for 2019 Year

Leo women are capricious in nature, meticulously studying the candidacy of every elect. They consider themselves worthy of the best husband, therefore they do not hurry with the choice. According to the love horoscope for 2019, lonely Leos will be able to find their second half, and among the longtime fans. The stars claim that the marriages concluded in the year of the Earth Pig will be particularly strong. Married Leos will be convinced of the correctness of their choice, there will be a passion in the relationship, besides, there will be a strong belief: the husband is the defender and the support of the whole family. Women of the fire sign will have no cause for sadness and anxiety, and minor misunderstandings will not leave a serious mark on their lives.

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Dreams Come True: How to Find Love

Earth Pig will try to find the ideal partner for single Lion women. He knows perfectly well that they make high demands on the elect. The love horoscope for 2019 promises the Leos a fateful meeting with a worthy man. Acquaintance will happen spontaneously: in the company of mutual friends or on vacation. Do not forget about the former beloved, the relationship can reach a new level. Women of the fire sign at the beginning of the relationship do not immediately see the fan in their ideal. However, by the end of the year they will be happy to receive an offer of marriage. The position of the stars indicates that the marriage will be happy. Every year the attachment of Leo to his partner will only get stronger.

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Strengthening Family Relations

In the year of the Earth Pig, the married Leos will not be bored, the love horoscope for 2019 promises them many pleasant events related to family affairs. It is possible to move to a new place of residence or the birth of a long-awaited baby. The only difficulty is the inordinate pride of the women of the fire sign. Unwillingness to compromise, inability to admit their mistakes can significantly worsen relations with the spouse and children. Leos should be a little softer and kinder to their loved ones. They try so hard to please their beloved wife and mother. Children will rejoice in their mild temper and obedience, and the spouse — with gifts and surprises.

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Birth of Children

Leo’s life in 2019 will be filled with a variety of events, but women will not depart from their dream — the birth of a child. The love horoscope predicts the appearance of the baby and the newly-married couple, and couples with experience. This important event will play a big role in the life of the Leos themselves and their halves. The relationship of a couple on the verge of divorce is sure to strengthen. The birth of a child will force the spouses to look at each other in a new way. Women do not have to worry about their career growth, the authorities will sympathize with the decision of the Leos to devote all their time to the baby. The financial situation of the family will be so stable that it will not be necessary to interrupt maternity leave.

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Leo-Men Love Horoscope for 2019 Year

Vain male Leos will be happy to be in the thick of events, they are flattered by the surrounding people. Earth Pig will give them the opportunity to get the desired position or change their place of residence. However, troubles and worries can negatively affect your personal life. The love horoscope for 2019 reminds that it’s time to take a responsible step. The Earth Pig Board is the best time to solve personal problems. Single Leos must decide on the choice of a lover, the surrounding blessing is always a lot of fans. Married men can lose their second half, if they do not stop dreaming about fame and popularity. They must concentrate fully on family affairs.

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Looking for a Sweetheart

Bachelor Leos do not lack attention on the part of women; on the contrary, they find it difficult to choose their only one among the many acquaintances. The love horoscope for 2019 encourages men to take seriously the issue of marriage. The stars promise that the alliance, concluded in the year of the Earth Pig, will be happy. Leo will not have to regret his choice, the relationship with each year will become better and better. The most successful period for searching for a sweetheart is spring and summer of 2019. Perhaps, in autumn or winter, Leo will lead his narrowed crown. The love horoscope advises not to refuse immediately from the offer of the chosen one to change the place of residence, all changes only for the better.

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Family Horoscope

In the life of family Leos any turns are possible. The love horoscope for 2019 does not promise silence and tranquility. Those men who have long planned a divorce, can receive the approval and support of the Earth Pig. If the relationship has become obsolete, it is impossible to return the past, it is 2019 — the most suitable time for new promising acquaintances. However, the owner of the year recommends using any chance to save the family. Still, a proud, independent man of a fiery sign needs support and understanding, it is close people who are ready to give him warmth. Leos should spend more time with their wife and children, arrange home holidays and organize family holidays.

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Continuation of Gender

From men born under the sign of Leo, loving, caring fathers are obtained. Even if the representative of this sign does not feel a great desire to become a parent, he will be glad to hear the news about the replenishment in the family. The love horoscope for 2019 predicts the birth of a child. Leos do not have to change their habitual way of life abruptly, Earth Pig will try to arrange everything in the best way. At work there will be no serious difficulties and problems, in the family life harmony will reign. The appearance of the heir will soften the heart of the Lion and if before that scandals broke out in the family, with the birth of the child the conflicts will cease.

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2019 Love Horoscope