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The sign Leo refers to the element of Fire, therefore its representatives are passionate and temperamental people. It is impossible to imagine a Lion proudly bored in solitude, he is always surrounded by fans. The Earth Dog is not at all embarrassed by the quick temper of the people of the fire sign, they like their optimism and kindness. Therefore, 2018 for Leo will be fairly calm, but representatives of this sign should moderate their ambitions.

Yellow Dog most appreciates in people loyalty and honesty, so in 2018, the Lions should behave with dignity. It is not necessary to stick out your own merits and downplay the achievements of close people. Moreover, there can be no question of novels on the side. The love horoscope for 2018 promises the Leos well-being and prosperity. However, narcissistic people of a fire sign can spoil even the ideal relationship: Leos are too selfish and cruel.

Leo-Women Love Horoscope for 2018 Year

Bright, temperamental Leo women can not live a day without compliments and confessions of love. The Earth Dog condescendingly condescends to the erratic, capricious disposition of the ladies of the fiery sign, but does not at all share their passion for intrigue. The love horoscope for 2018 encourages women-Leos to be honest, you can not play with the feelings of men, even if you really want to amuse self-esteem. Especially this advice concerns unmarried girls, their own selfish behavior they can scare away admirers. In 2018, Leo female who are married should not succumb to the temptation to have an affair, the Yellow Dog will necessarily punish an ungrateful person who is capable of betraying her family.

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Dreams Come True: How to Find Love

The love horoscope for 2018 recommends that single women born under the sign of Leo be a bit softer and more restrained. Of course, spectacular beauties will not be left without attention, fans will fight for the right to win the heart of the proud Lioness. However, arrogant behavior and the desire to dictate their playing conditions can lead even the most promising relationship to a dead end. Yellow Dog is more to the liking judicious girls who respect their partner. Therefore, as soon as she sees the complaisant behavior of the female Lion, she will immediately want to reward her for diligence. Lonely girls can meet their half anywhere, and the probability of renewal of former relations is great. And this time it can end with a wedding.

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Strengthening Family Relations

In 2018, married Leo-female can give enough time to work, because the Dog helps hard-working people. In this case, do not forget about the family, after all the interests of the family are more important than all the cases. The love horoscope encourages Leo women to moderate their ambitions a little and stop dreaming of unrealizable things. The status of a married lady presupposes a responsible attitude to one's duties, first of all to keep and protect the peace of the family. A capricious, selfish behavior does not color an exemplary wife and mother. Therefore, it is not forbidden to fantasize about the luxury holiday in an exotic country, but in reality the best option is a family pension.

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Birth of Children

Love horoscope 2018 for Leo women predicts or replenishment in the family, or care for maternity leave. Good-natured, peace-loving Dog will be happy to help everyone who wants to know the joy of motherhood. Women-Lions, having children, should not give up the dream of having another child. After all, 2018 is the most suitable time for strengthening family relations, and the appearance of the baby will necessarily rally the spouses. If Leo has firmly decided to give all her strength to her work, she should not be persuaded. The love horoscope does not recommend making hasty decisions. Perhaps, it is not the time for radical changes.

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Leo-Men Love Horoscope for 2018 Year

Ambitious, imperious male Lions should forget about their own greatness and take care of the affairs of their close people. The love horoscope for 2018 encourages them to behave intelligently. Married Leo male should show their best qualities: nobility, responsiveness. Yellow Dog willingly responds to the desire of free men to find their soul mate. Unmarried Lions have every chance to meet their beloved woman, and in the most unexpected place, for example, in the parking lot. However, representatives of a fiery sign should be restrained that not to scare off the elect with the fervent pressure.

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Looking for a Sweetheart

Love horoscope for single Leos predicts changes in personal life. But they can take advantage of this chance or not, depends only on the men themselves. It is understandable the desire of the Lion to show off before the woman she liked, but do not be too zealous. You can shower your chosen one with jewels or give a holiday permit, which will undoubtedly testify to the good financial condition of the Leo man. However, it is better to show sincere participation in her affairs, to render all possible assistance. Single Lions can meet a soul mate at work or in the theater. It does not matter what circumstances will bring two loving hearts. The main thing is that a vain man can discern his happiness and stop dreaming about an unattainable ideal.

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Family Horoscope

The love horoscope claims that married Leo men can enjoy their family happiness during the entire year 2018. Neither the spouse nor the children will dispute his indisputable authority. Only the Lion with his temper can spoil relations. Yellow Dog loves when the family reigns peace and tranquility, so it will stop any attempts to start a scandal. A man of a fire sign should better direct all his ardor to solve business issues, and for a family he must remain a loving, caring husband and father. Generous Leo will find a way to pamper his loved ones, family rest on the shores of the warm sea is quite possible. However, do not go on a journey before the fall, in the summer at Leo and without it there will be a lot of trouble.

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Continuation of Gender

The love horoscope for 2018 predicts replenishment in the family of the Leo man. Wise Yellow Dog will be able to find arguments in favor of paternity, she likes to patronize young parents. The men of the fire sign have to go through exciting moments. Large fathers will be happy for another baby, because the troubles and worries associated with children have never scared the Leos. Those men who still considered the birth of a child — a hindrance to career growth, will change their opinion dramatically. This important event will bring positive changes, the appearance of the heir is a great joy for the conceited Leo.

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2018 Love Horoscope


Leo 2018 Love Horoscope
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