Sagittarius 2016 Love Horoscope

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The first semester of this year finds you motivated and having great ambition to succeed. You may undergo a dose of a sensation of enhanced maturity, which could determine you to think ten times before venturing in relationships with no future; or the inability to offer you safety, including emotional safety. You see yourself growing more and more determined and motivated to change, to act, to move the mountains. And still, starting the second half of July, destiny re-invites you to revise the structures of your subconscious one more time. There are levels that don’t allow you to advance anymore. On this background, you may suffer from a necessity of isolation inside your couple again. However, this will lead you towards finding your own “Self” through the amalgam of useless things, moods and steps in your life, on an emotional level. It is better if you can understand that the purpose of all the limitations from this period of time is to purify your life from within its structures, by shaking up all your plans, especially on an emotional level. But just as all the things follow a certain name and plan you will see how the things that seemed to be drawbacks actually helped you progress hugely on an evolutionary level.

The second half of August brings you success in the professional field and this will compensate your need for affection, which you seem to lack a lot right now. Especially starting the second half of November, when that sector will go through a “boom”, accomplishments will start to matter more and more and your couple’s relationship may indeed need solid things and a solid foundation. This will help you grow in the future towards the objectives and the goals you set. Now, for you the model of a happy relationship is one that can offer you the safety of being supported in the long term.

This year’s motto for you is: “I come to realize more and more that I need maximal revisions. The probability of feeling fulfilled on an affective level depends on getting separated from old theories, from some carcinogen parts in my life that no longer find their place in a happy, full of ambitions and accomplishments life. Together with my loved one! And in the frame of my love story!”

2016 Love Horoscope

Sagittarius 2016 Love Horoscope
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